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Drake knows physician loans!

Drake Bloebaum
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  • Encounter no unwelcome surprises or being declined at the last minute.
  • Close on time with little effort or thought on your part.
  • Get the right solution for your unique situation.
  • Receive first class service.
  • Be in constant communication throughout the process to make sure you understand what’s happening.

Drake Bloebaum knows physician loans!

Frierson“As an incoming resident, I called dozens of resident loan providers and got various high rates and difficulties in getting approved. However, when I contacted Drake and his team at Fairway they were the best price and the most friendly to talk with. Drake went above and beyond to let the seller’s real estate agent know that our loan was solid. In this tough housing market currently this made our home offer much more attractive and serious which made a huge difference. Drake even helped push the loan to close sooner so that we could move in sooner with a baby on the way. Couldn’t say enough good things about everyone at Fairway. Looking forward to sending them my friends. Thanks!”
Dr. Andrew Frierson, Resident Physician, Redlands, CA

Gerrior“2 days before our mortgage was to close (and 1 week before our wedding) Bank of America pulled out due to my lack of a green card. We were devastated. We had put in so much time and travel to find the house, and it was 6 weeks before my start date. I called local banks in regards to physician loans with no success. In a last desperate effort I googled. And it was the best thing that could have happened. I called Drake that day and he got back to me with great news the night before closing. He was able to smooth talk the realtor into holding on and selling to us. Such a pro. We closed on the house 30 days later. During the next week Ashley helped us through the paperwork and we had most done before our nuptials. The team is wonderful. I wish we had been with them from the beginning. We got a great rate, no problems at all. They even sent us a wedding gift!! Don’t hesitate to let this team help you.”
Melanie Gerrior, MD, Hospitalist, Valley View Hospital, Glenwood Springs, CO

saenz“I truly cannot thank Drake and his team enough for all of their hard work in allowing us to buy our first home! As brand new physicians who just graduated from medical school, it was a dream of ours to buy a home but we knew there were going to be many obstacles along the way. Drake and his team lead us through the entire process with patience and diligence and we cannot be happier with our experience. From initial phone call to signing paper work, Drake and his team were always available for questions and clarification of the process. We were able to buy a beautiful home in Tucson, Arizona and could not have done it without Drake’s help.”
Jessica August-Saenz, M.D. and J. Anthony Saenz, M.D., University of Arizona Medical Center

Kilgore “All of the staff at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, in particular Drake Bloebaum, were extremely helpful in the home-buying process. I was a recent college graduate and this was my first property purchase. Drake and his team were very quick and efficient in answering any and all questions I had in regards to the timeline and process of purchasing the home. I am very confident I made the right decision in choosing Fairway Independent. I will be referring future colleagues who move this direction to this company.”
Dr. Klinton Kilgore, Medical Resident, Spokane, Washington

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