I didn’t know that doctor mortgages did not consider student loan debt; is this true?

handshake docs smPhysician home loans ignore student loan debt, which is what makes it possible for you to qualify for a relatively large purchase given an otherwise cumbersome income/debt ratio. This is possible in part as a resident because they know you are able to forbear you loans if you choose.¬†¬†With a physician loan or doctor home loan, so long as you close prior to the start date of those repayments, those loans are not counted against you at all. So, it’s definitely an avenue you should look at if you are being told student loans could cause you a problem qualifying for your next home mortgage

If you have student loans that are coming out of deferment or coming into repayment within the next twelve months, then your conventional and your FHA loans have to count those against you. If they’re deferred out greater than 12 months from the date you close then we don’t have to worry about it in conventional mortgage world.

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